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Steps That Should Be Followed When Changing Diapers

Another name of a diaper is a nappy. An underwear which can be able to hold and soak up waste products after a baby defecates or urinates is known as a diaper. The outer clothes of a baby who has a diaper will not be soiled after he/she defecates or urinates. An adult suffering from dementia, diarrhea or immobility can also use diapers. Diapers can be classified into cloth diapers and disposable diapers. A disposable diapers is only used once. The cloth diapers are made of cloth and can be cleaned and reused. In order to ensure the baby is comfortable, the diapers are supposed to be changed immediately he/she urinates or defecates. The following is the procedure of changing baby diapers.

Make sure you have all the supplies are near you as the first step. Here are some supplies you need to assemble; clean diapers, cotton balls, clean cloths, washcloths and baby cream. Ensure you have purchased the right size of diapers. You should have all these supplies as you are leaving home. Women shoulder diaper bags and manly backpack style diaper bags are suitable for carrying these supplies.

The second step is to put the baby on his/her back on the changing table or a thick clean towel. In order to make the child more comfortable, please put him/her on a pad cover. Get a diaper wipe warmer and use it to wipe the baby’s bottom. The best baby wipe warmers in 2018 are here. Get a new diaper and lay it on one side. In order to entertain the child, you can give him/her a mobile or a toy. Don’t leave the baby on top of the changing table to prevent him/her from falling down.

The next thing is to wipe the baby carefully from the front to the back. You can also use the clean part of the dirty diaper to wipe the child. A washcloth and warm water can be used in wiping off the sticky stool.

The next thing is to take your time and ensure the wiped area has dried up. In case you have no much time, please use a baby washcloth to speed up the process of drying up. Apply diaper cream on areas affected by the rash.

The next step is to take the baby’s legs, lift them up and place the clean diaper under the bottom. A parent or a guardian should make sure the private parts is facing down. In order to fasten the diaper properly, please pull the front part between the legs.

Bundle up the dirty diaper and dispose of them properly. Grab more info here.

All parents and guardians are supposed to follow these steps when changing baby diapers.

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