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The 2nd Revolution

Today, we have a home in a world stuffed with deception, deceit, and lies. The United States government is constantly perpetrate gross injustices within the public. Sadly, though there really wasn’t a unified effort to generate our government liable for all the travesties they have got imposed within the American citizen. Remember the 99% movement of just a couple years ago. That protest never got organized for whether or not this did maybe just maybe things has to be little bit better today. It is the public though which are so indoctrinated in accepting no matter the government mandates. There have been thousands of unfunded mandates imposed about the American citizen that have put financial strains on practically every American. That is just the main issues facing us today.

The bigger crisis facing us today requires us to appreciate that you’ll find two multiple men these days. On one hand you will find men allied with all the Creator. Then you will find those who alien themselves while using Created. A battle for supremacy as you would use it, men allied with life and living verses men allied with things other men created like money and corporations. It is this battle that was waged for hundreds of years. We usually have a choice between what on earth is truly valuable, like life, health, family, food, homes and communities. Others look at what exactly is valuable in a significant different scope. An illusion when you where they are corporations, money and else that substitutes itself for precisely what is actual. For thousands of years, Mankind continues to be living in an illusion, half-asleep, unconscious, manipulated, and abused. It couldn’t be any truer than in the United States.

To lots of people don’t realize that this United States is defined as a corporate instrument with the international banking conglomerates. What this means is that all American are of the corporation aka, the government from the United States. This also means which the corporate United States holds ownership of the your assets, your house and even ones children. Think about the many bills we’re also forced to pay, dozens of various taxes and fines and also licenses we need to pay for. And, this started in 1871.

When congress passed the Act of 1871 and subsequent legislation we people have been deceived since into thinking we’re also free and independent substantially actuality we carry on being slaves and servants with the corporation. Our ignorance in the facts has generated our silence and our silence may be construed as our consent to be beneficiaries of your debt we would not incur. The fact in the matter is treason was committed resistant to the People using the passage in the Act of 1871. Through lust for funds and power this act wasn’t corrected. We individuals have lost more freedom than we realize due to the organization infiltration of government.

Our ignorance in the law has led this nation towards the brink of disaster. It is everyone’s responsibility and our obligation for an American to master about the law and the way it is applicable to everyone. The government has for many years counted around the fact that everyone seems to be either too distracted, lazy or uninterested to see what exactly is actually happening towards the nation. We the People are actually for too long mentally taught to allow the alleged government to do something with impunity.

Today, it really is though not a soul really cares to understand just what the Act of 1871 has done towards the very core of America. Just think of the many wars and courageous individuals who laid down their lives for that preservation on the ideals of our founding fathers. When in fact those ideals were tossed aside from the lust for funds and power. What we need today can be a Revolution in thought as well as in our thinking if we have been to ever have a chance to right the wrongs imposed by unscrupulous people that continue some thing in accordance with all the welfare on the Corporate United States.

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