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Crisis Mode

Due to foreseen events the earth has become a meaner, more hostile place. Trumpism has given credibility on the madness. The lust for power, and wealth by mankind has always given way to your anguish numerous suffer. And, a great number of suffer still. The words of Thomas Jefferson have zero place in the America we come across today. Life, Liberty, along with the pursuit of happiness, well, it can be suffice to mention they have all been revoked. They have been replaced by an oligarchy rule. An oligarchy rule which includes tarnished the respectability and shattered the credibility that’s our birth right when our founding fathers first penned the Constitution.

As a kid of the 50’s the serenity of my childhood evoked a calmer more thought provoking demure. This was in the event the pace of life was much slower correctly gave time for reason and sanity compared towards the insanity of now. And, yet there may be no authentic ground swell movement to rid ourselves from the status-quo. A status-quo this is a cancer with this nation. Sure, there exists that lone wolf, Senator Sanders that has tried to galvanize national support for necessary reforms. But, unfortunately your mind frame of numerous can’t seem to keep the cold harsh realities facing this nation.

When we’ve got leaders and much from the public too blind to see, to oblivious of looking after, to ignorant to manage the facts, also to unscrupulous realize is needed are typically the ingredients essential for the impending disaster. The lust for power, control and wealth has turned the United States in to a juggernaut of insatiable appetites for much more power, control and wealth. The embezzlement of American tax dollars plus the fleecing the American dream just has further entrenched the oligarchy rule. Today, the rule of law is squarely stacked contrary to the majority of Americans. One cannot help wonder has America’s best days are behind her? The status-quo in the present day suggests that just maybe some 60 years ago weren’t so bad in fact.

I wonder the amount of realize what Thomas Paine wrote about over two hundred years ago? He stated quite profoundly “A republic is expected to be directed by certain fundamental principles of right and justice, that there can’t be any deviation. It is executed by the select variety of persons, who behave as representatives plus in behalf from the whole, and that are supposed to govern as being the people would do were each will assembled together. When a people accept form themselves to a republic they mutually resolve and pledge themselves together, rich and poor alike also to support this rule of equal justice most notable. A republic properly understood, is really a sovereignty of justice, in contradistinction for the sovereignty of will.”

Things have changed since Thomas Paine. Now, we’ve to ask ourselves did we being a people allow America to degenerate to your point of insolvency and ruin? Did we enable the creation of a monetary system based on a reasons for greed and fraud? Did we allow an oligarchy bureaucracy dictate to your American people as well as the world how they alone really know what is best not for that country in fact for themselves? With this latest blunder by Trump in relation to Iran just shows the level of mentality we now have running america today. This decision alone will affect every American’s wallet since the cost of living will still only continue to push more Americans into poverty if they’re not already there.

Not only do we have now to deal with this latest travesty within the American public but we still must deal with the ramifications on the past 2008 economic crisis. We need to remember precisely what transpired in 2008 by governmental intervention of that financial meltdown to realize exactly how deceitful our very own government happens to be. When the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act was enacted, critically the Quantitative Easing from the Federal Reserve, it pumped huge amounts of fresh cash in to the same banking institutions that started the financial doom and gloom in the first place was all arranged behind close doors on Capital Hill.

This EESA in general did defraud the American public. It rewarded the financial guru’s on Wall Street while ignoring the plight of Main Street where a lot of Americans remain suffering. The deceit was from the very beginning when both sides overwhelmingly voted about the passage of Emergency Economic Stabilization Act proclaiming that this Act would insulate Main Street and everyday Americans through the mess that Wall Street created. When actually this Act did the actual opposite. It was both sides that rejected a $56 billion stimulus package that may have extended unemployment benefits, increased food aid, and would’ve funded new construction projects to generate much need good paying jobs in a time if your country was reeling form this a disaster.

Today, the results form governmental deception remain being felt around the country. Our infrastructure is in a point that may be putting more lives at risk everyday, homelessness can be a national disgrace as well as the plight of millions where they are numerous underemployed is threatening the commercial stability in the United States. To top it off we now have both political parties which are so inept at being aware what is actually required to rid ourselves with the quagmire the US is at. They are completely oblivious on the facts which have rendered the United States government the instrument in the power elite. The lust for power, control and wealth by an oligarchy ruling class only has deepened the Abyss the US has fallen into. Then of course there exists the Trump Administration who is still the epitome of ineptness to your needs with the United States along with the world that he is putting not just America in harms way but has produced the world that additional unstable.

We the people ought to always remember the writings of Thomas Paine and also the rest of our own founding fathers and hang up into practice the rudiments of the items they epitomized when our nation was founded. Only when we back towards the roots in our founding will the United States break free with the strangle their hands on a government that may be siphoning off of the life blood in our nation and threatening the stability in the world.

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